Full-Show Production

Our wheelhouse: the whole kit and caboodle. You come to us with an idea and side-by-side we lay out the plan and execute. From pre-launch buzz generation to full content production to audience growth and monetization, you’ll be proud to say that your show is a Cue9Pod.

A la Carte Services

idea development

Got an idea for a podcast? Let’s chat it through. What’s the point of the show? Who is your target audience? What’s the best way to get started? We’ll lay out your best course of action and how we can best help you launch a successful podcast.

host coaching

The single most important thing that brings listeners back for more is a great host. How can you connect with and represent your listeners? If you’re interviewing guests, how can you get the most out of the conversation? We’ll bring out the best in you and help you become an audience favorite.

live event recording

Got a big-name guest coming to an event and want to capture the conversation and convert it into a podcast? We’ll send our team and get broadcast quality audio with no extra effort.

audience growth strategy

How can I find more listeners? This is the number one question, as no podcast matters without listeners. We’ll find your audience - wherever they are - and get you in their ears. 

audio production

We create NPR-quality podcasts in the most cost-effective way possible. From on-the-go interviews to scripted shows with ambience and sound effects, we will have you sounding great.

episode content strategy

Should your episodes be an hour or 15 minutes? Should your show be seasonal, or perpetual? Should each episode have one topic, one guest, multiple themes? We’ll find the best path.

social media content generation

The best way to grow your audience is to establish a social media presence that adds value on its own - through sound bytes, quotes, and audience interaction. Send us a photo and a sound byte, and we’ll deliver you irresistible and engaging social content.


Ads are effective, but are there other ways your show can bring in revenue and pay for itself? Will your audience subscribe to premium content? Would they buy merch or attend events? We’ll find the most effective path, and if it is advertisement, we’ll maximize your payout.